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Bargain bin

We've added a bunch of records to the bargain bin: The Bon Bon Club,
Katsen, Gothenburg's own The Kid, old Starke Adolf favourite Meta
Band, Slow Down Tallahassee, Zipper and more!

Cheaper postage rates!

Great news for our customers outside of Sweden - the Swedish Postal service has changed the postage rates so that it’s actually cheaper now to ship many records (parcels with a maximum weight of 1 kg or 2 kg) from Sweden!
La Luz "It's Alive"

We just received a few copies of La Luz debut album "It's Alive". This lovely record somehow passed us by last year, but now it's in stock on both (coloured) vinyl and CD. A great mixture of doo-wop, surf and indiepop with delicate vocal harmonies!

Also available is the new Talulah Gosh compilation, as well as some great stuff by Blueboy, The Cat's Miaow, Everyday Mistakes and The Shapiros back in stock.

New cassettes in stock!

Today we received a bunch of lovely cassettes by Eric Malmberg, Glenn & Glenn and Testbild! from Swedish cassette label Zeon Light. Fairy tale organ pop, noisy
pop and cinematic pop - a perfect spring mix!

Nobody's Business Vol. 1

The first LP release by Candy Twist records is finally here! Twelve new and exclusive, previously unreleased songs by twelve international DIY bands.

Listen to "Baby It's You"
by The Hobbes Fanclub!

We also have some excellent second hand records in stock: Lora Logic, Razorcuts, The Tough Alliance, The Go-Betweens and more!

The debut album by Alpaca Sports is here!

Today is Alpaca Sports Day! The brand new ”Sealed With A Kiss” album is now in stock on both LP and CD, as well as the ”Bella’s Mixtape” CD. The latter is a remix compilation of Alpaca Sports songs, featuring Red Sleeping, Tiny Fireflies, When Nalda Became Punk and Pale Spectres among others. We’ve also got some other Luxury releases by Makthaverskan, Boat Club, Westkust, Palpitation and Happy Hands Club back in stock.

Cocoanut Groove LP

We now have the new Cocoanut Groove album "How To Build A Maze" in stock on LP and you can have a listen to the wonderful song "afternoons" by following the link below.
We also have a new record category, bargain bin, where we will put discounted goodies on a very irregular basis. Right now you'll find some great Slumberland CD's to a very nice price.

Listen to "Afternoons"
by Cocoanut Groove

"A Careless Lifestyle" by Tillmanns

Finally the very first album release on Fraction Discs, ”A Careless Lifestyle” by the fabulous Tillmanns, is available digitally on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, eMusic etc. This is what we wrote about the album back in the day:

”…many of us have missed the sound of winding, ethereal guitars and sweeping, synthetic layers over minimalistic beats. The sound is well-known from a golden era when labels such as Sarah Records­ and Factory spread little grains of gold like The Wake, New Order, The Durutti Column, Stockholm Monsters and The Field Mice. But, there’s another thread that through the North Sea connects the Northern Britain with our West Coast: the eternal lashing of rain at bus stops, on windscreens and window-ledges. And the light after the rain: the shimmering, but with a darker undertone. The art of balancing those contrasts - maybe this is what seizes us and sends us into a soft hypnosis, that actually can make us long for the autumn to burst into splendid colours: yellow, orange, red....”

Some great items we'd like to recommend: