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  New Lost & Lonesome records in stock...

We've got some new Lost & Lonesome records in stock by The Zebras, Lowtide, Melbourne Cans and Monnone Alone new releases by Makthaverskan, Gold-Bears, Mighty Mighty and Comet Gain.
The Rainyard "A Thousand Days" LP

The Rainyard were an amazing jangle pop band from Australia. They released one of the most perfect (and sought after) singles ever made on the legendary Summershine label in 1991. Unfortunately the rest of their gems were never released... until NOW! 15 perfect pop songs, full of jangly guitars and energy, perfect melodies and unforgettable hooks. From Perth to the world... The Rainyard! In stock now. Have a listen here!

We also have My Favorite "Love At Absolute Zero/Death In Suburbia" LP and Lost Tapes "Rubber Bracelet" 7" in stock.

Screen Prints and The Royal Landscaping Society

New in stock are the great retrospective by Screen Prints, released on Japanese Fastcut records, and the lovely debut album by Spanish indiepop band The Royal Landscaping Society. Nine tracks that really recall the hey-days of Sarah records in the eary 90s; gentle jangly guitars and beautiful melancholic songs with an icy synth backdrop. Perfect for fans of The Field Mice, Silver Screen, Brighter and Northern Picture Library.
Before There Were Pictures

New York pop quartet Pale Lights have made one of this year's finest albums so far. Classic jangly guitar pop (like it was made in the 80s) that makes an old indiepop heart go boom! In stock now!

We also have Pale Lights' debut 7" EP in stock and some new records from Estonian Seksound label by Imandra Lake and Galaktlan.

Lots of new (and older!) records in stock

Today we're happy to be able to offer records by Close Lobsters, Gingerlys, The Luxembourg Signal, The Fireworks, The Ocean Blue, When Nalda Became Punk...

We've also restocked some Luxury records, all available here. Other fine items back in stock are The Ocean Tango, Burning Hearts, Goodly Thousands and Majestic.

Oh, and Fraction Discs has now joined the world of Twitter, and you're very welcome to follow us here!
The return of Constantin Veis

Constantin Veis from Greek pop elegants Fantastic Something is back! He's got a new album out on Jigsaw, using the alias The Glamorous Life Savers, and it very much recalls the old soft pop by Fantastic Something. In stock now!

We also have new albums in stock by Fireflies, Orange Peels, Charlie Big Time and The Skywriters among others.

Second hand

Lots of fine new second hand records in stock today: Happydeadmen, Popundret, Gentle Touch, Swervedriver and Teen Anthems among others.

We've also got the new Cloudberry compilation by The Rileys in stock and here you can have a listen to their great song "Dreamsway"
Bargain bin

We've added a bunch of records to the bargain bin: The Bon Bon Club,
Katsen, Gothenburg's own The Kid, old Starke Adolf favourite Meta
Band, Slow Down Tallahassee, Zipper and more!

Cheaper postage rates!

Great news for our customers outside of Sweden - the Swedish Postal service has changed the postage rates so that it’s actually cheaper now to ship many records (parcels with a maximum weight of 1 kg or 2 kg) from Sweden!
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